Snowy warm British silver shaded!

British shorthair – being beautiful and almost magical, capable of only one purring and light touch foot drive from the soul longing and bring a smile to your lips.

It is said about the British Shorthair a lot and always – with enthusiasm, because without enthusiasm about this miracle to remember just not possible.

Among British Shorthair cats stand out like “state within a state” of British rock, British silver chinchilla-cat with soft fur and gentle rarest color.

Secret color silver chinchilla is in perfect harmony to the main alpine white with splashes of anthracite – black tint on the tips of wool back, tail, head and sides. A pad on the white legs silvery chinchillas necessarily black! Thanks to the beauty and nobility of British silver chinchilla coat and got its name.

The history of these diamonds cat world began about forty years ago, when the owners realize the most ambitious dreams, extending the known range of colors and creating the ideal character traits.

For this, they crossed Britain and the Persian breed. And what happened? The experiment was quite successful, and the unusual offspring of pairs of light hath revealed silvery chinchillas.

However, the owners waited for another pleasant surprise – it turned out that cats have inherited from the Persians, an important fraction of delicacy, “forgetting” mark in the house.<

Of course, the appearance of silver shaded – this is not the only interesting moment in the history of British shorthair cats, but thanks to this example can be judged on how much work, imagination and knowledge needed to improve the breed.

Perhaps today lived up to all the dreams of those who had begun the selection work: now the British silver shaded like in the world

Grace flexible Panthers, intelligence and sophistication of this socialite – that’s because most likely be characterized essence silver chinchilla. But, unlike their wild cousins, the British silver chinchilla never claws, even if too carried away playing with you …

British chinchilla will surprise you with its magnificent character.

The infant kittens British silver shaded (to buy a kitten British silver chinchilla cats) are born blue-eyed, and so white, that if they were snow under the sun, blinded to the observer’s eye.

It is touching the snow-silver lumps, cared for becomes a real pleasure.

In the younger kittens silver shaded color iris subtly changing, finding a green-blue hue and developing over time in the huge emerald lake, underlined coal connector.

Generally cats are chinchilla silver by nature a very elegant makeup: contrasting trim around eyes, lips and red-brick nose. After all, natural makeup – so smartly!

Once I was charmed by the charm of Chinchillidae cat-and-a British once and for all. And then I decided to do everything to make this breed flourished, becoming even better, and I founded a nursery «Beautyca».

All our dogs are purebred British pedigrees of German, British, Belgian, Czech blood lines and receive high ratings exhibition.

«Aliviero» Cattery British cats chinchillas exclusive colors, such as: silver chinchilla, shaded silver, Point chinchilla (chinchilla-point), silver-point (silver point, silver-shaded-point), golden shaded (Golden shaded, golden shaded), golden point (golden-point).

Some of these colors in the most immediate plans of our kennel and we will make sure to implement!

Our kittens silvery chinchillas have a wonderful character and manners. Silver shinshilyata friendly, handsome, charismatic, affectionate and playful!

Will soon have one of my best dreams, and «Aliviero» pets appear very rare color British silver chinchilla-point. This is a white cat, but “spray” on the back they do not have black and pink-peach, same eyes – bright sapphire ..

British silver shaded-point impresses pale pink clouds, and dark blue eyes crown jewels, this charming image.

Cat British silver chinchilla is incredibly beautiful and graceful, but most importantly, it will be good and loyal friend, gentle companion and her compassionate heart will be there with you always!

Sincerely, Victoria Hapugina!

Breeder, trainer of cat.