Our cattery “Aliviero”

Let me introduce myself! My name is Victoria Hapugina and I’m very glad to see you in our virtual house! We are living in the northern capital of Russia, in the most beautiful city Sankt-Petersburg! Our cattery “Aliviero” is registered in WCF system.

The ancestor of our nursery was our first kitty Nancy (home nickname Marysya). As soon as Marysua appeared, it became our common favorite pet. Marysya has taken many prizes and titles in different exhibitions. While visiting and participating in exhibitions we got acquainted and fall in love at first sight with representatives of British breed, namely Silver blur, Chinchilla and Chinchilla-point colored cats.

After careful selection of producers, we received the cat Beatriche (home nickname Knopochka) from the Estonian nursery “Anirette” and after some time we received Enigma (nickname Ennichka) from nursery “Viva VOGUE” located in Saratov city.

After coming of these two kitties to our family, I understood that my knowledge will be insufficient for serious professional stock breeding work, and that’s why I passed educational courses of felinology and was granted a Diploma of felinologist.


Today I use all my knowledge and skills for direct improvement of the breed and its qualities. “Aliviero” is a small cattery. Our motto is “Not Quantity but Quality”!!! We pay much attention to the health of our pets and their off-springs.

In our cattery we never make “out of plan breeding” so kittens without documents are never born. All crossings are scheduled; we completely obey the rules of breeding which are accepted in WCF. We do not keep animals in coops. We are against single crossing of cats “For Health”. We support sterilization and castration of unpedigreed animals.

We do not feed our cats with “Whiskas” or “Kiticat”, our cats eat either professional foods of premium and super-premium class or balanced natural food. When buying a cat, all buyers are consulted in details about feeding and taking care of the pets.

You can place an order for a kitten at the age of 1, 5 months by photo or after personal examination. When placing an order, a contract for depositing for a certain animal is concluded where a nickname, color and date of birth are indicated. Deposit is to be done in amount of not less than 1/3 of kitten’s price. If it is done, the kitten is not further proposed to anybody (it means that it’s not on sale) and will be ready to leave our home after complete inoculation and with all obligatory veterinary documents.

Delivery of the kitten to the new owner is made after expiry of period of inoculation incubation period, not earlier than 3 to 3.5 months.

At the moment of kitten handover we conclude the contract, where I guarantee the kitten is absolutely healthy and free of parasites. If requested by the new owner, I’m ready to make additional veterinary examinations on his account.

And if to speak about classification which leaves everybody making questions:
- Show class / for exhibitions and breeding/
- Breed class / for breeding
- Pet class / for self, for living at home, for love etc. / “Pet class” does not mean “Defects or spoilage”, “For self” does not mean “cheap”

We very carefully select the future parents for the each kitten, and if you agree with our point of view, we will be glad to see you among our clients. We want our kittens to fill emptiness of your house and make you happy!!!

Best wishes, Victoria!